Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Answering phones (Spanish is not required)
  • Greets, screens calls, registers, and assists the public in filling out forms, questionnaires and applications. 
    Refers clients and forwards messages 
  • Performs document production. Composes and types general letters and memoranda from rough drafts, forms, or general instructions, involving the assembly of data from computer and paper file or record sources. Prints in different formats from networked and stand alone printers. Copying Materials
  • ESL/SSL (English/Spanish as second languages) Teachers, days or evenings
  • Translating forms, letters and emails from English to Spanish and vice-a-versa


Volunteer Application:   Click Here

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Interested in teaching English or Spanish as Second Languages? The commitment is 2 hours a week and it lasts for 9 weeks. We have classes starting 4 times a year. Call the Office Administrator at  503-270-0272 to sign up.


Becoming a Board Member:

BHC welcomes everyone, but we are especially looking for those with skills/experience/contacts in the
following areas:
  • Revenue Development/Fundraising/Sponsorship
  • HR/Personnel
  • Non-Profit/Board Expertise
  • PR/Marketing
  • Community and Cultural Organizations
  • Government Relations
  • Links to potential Corporate/Business Sponsors
  • Links to Education/Schools/Youth

Responsibilities of a Board Member:

  • Be actively involved on one or more Board committees in addition to attending monthly Board meetings (min. 3-6 hours per month).
  • Have a commitment to and understand of the purpose and policies of BHC.
  • Be aware of/attend BHC events and represent BHC in the community.
  • Work cooperatively within a group.



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