Spanish as a second language (SSL) April, 2013

The center is helping by providing affordable classes to educators who want to learn the language. It impacts the community by having more educators in school that can understand and speak spanish. It will be used by being able to speak and understand more people in the community that speak different languages.
The center is helping my language "mucho" - This class meets my needs and the teacher helps us alot. It is really fun and I am learning. The community will be impacted in a sense that I have much contact with the public as I work in a public school setting. I can practice and make sense of language skills. Again, I think I will use these skills in my school setting with parents and students. Also, to be out and about. I'm really happy for this opportunity to be at this center!

 English as a second language (ESL) April, 2013

It helped me to improve my English because I don't  understand so much. It is difficult for me to understand when I go to the doctors and when there are conferences at school. I want to understand and talk with the teachers.
Maria S. Z.
This course is helping me to improve my English vocabulary and my speaking. The teacher has me read different stories and he explains the meaning of words I don't understand. He also asks me questions that I have to answer and he is really patient when I don't answer fast. This course is helping me alot because now I can understand the people I work with. I feel happy now that my relationships with my co-workers are better than before, and maybe it'll help me get a promotion.
Elisa M. P.
Through this letter I would like to thank Beaverton Hispanic Center offers to the community. My husband and I received English classes twice a week and it has really been helpful for both. The English classes have helped us learn the language and communicate in our daily lives. We are also learning to speak wih more fluency and  with confidence with our neighbors, friends, and at work.
We are pastors in a church in Beaverton and we are very happy and grateful to have the Beaverton Hispanic Center in our city. We know of the great need of our community services to help grow and promote our Latino people at a higher level of education and personal growth.
Thanks to the Beaverton Hispanic Center like this one that helps us enrich and expand our knowledge. We hope that Beaverton Hispanic Center continues to offer these services to our community in Beaverton and continues to grow for the benefit to all.
M.G.F & D.M.M.
Dario came to the Beaverton Hispanic Center to prepare for his citizenship test in March, 2013. With the help of a motivated tutor, he was able to improve his writing skills and civic knowledge for the exam. We are so proud that he passed the citizenship test in March.    Congratulations Dario!
"what a great organization. Truly helped me deal with a conflict with my neighbor. Now we are working out the issues as friends!"
Maria S.-
"I got enrolled in their program with Spanish as a second language. 3 years in a row. Thanks to all."
"Thanks to all of you who helped me and my husband find work"
" I just came to the U.S.  a few months ago and wanted and needed everything to start a life here. The Hispanic Center found me a place to live, a part-time job and child care in my area. Thank you so much!"
"I called wanting assistance. We were new to the area. We recently left Mexico. We wanted to start a new life here in Oregon.We have family here but wanted a chance to live on their own, and not depend on their family for support. I called around and gave them some information on where to find help. Our needs were: affordable housing, food, before and after school child care, and clothing. The staff called us back a few days later and was successful in finding the assistance and also included they found affordable child care and before and after school programs for my kids  3 blocks from our home."



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