Juanita Villarreal, President, and ESL/SSL Instructor - I have been teaching both English and Spanish for more than 20 years and enjoy it very much. I have taught every level of English, Spanish, vocational English/Spanish and Citizenship classes. I personally love seeing the students learning and using their English in more advanced levels. I have developed basic to advanced curriculum and computerized lesson plans for students and teachers.
Emma Jackson, ESL Instructor - My teaching experience has been fabulous. I've substantially grown as an ESL instructor during my time at the Beaverton Hispanic Center. I've been able to develop effective lesson plans to improve their skills. It is always so rewarding seeing the progress of the students' English skills. I'm glad I can help the community. Helping their English skills will allow them to get a better job. I also like learning about Spanish culture from the students. This is my 3rd term teaching at Beaverton Hispanic Center. I am also the instructor for Citizenship classes as well.
Alaine A., ESL Instructor - I am looking forward to partnering with the Beaverton Hispanic Center as an ESL Instructor. I’ve always been passionate about learning language and have enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to help others with language; a highlight of these experiences was teaching English to students in Sevilla, Spain during my college study-abroad program. It will be incredibly rewarding to work with the students at the Beaverton Hispanic Center and learn more about my community in the process.
Anabel Lopez-Salinas, SSL Instructor - My name is Anabel Lopez-Salinas from Oaxaca, Mexico. I earned a B.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the "Benito Juarez" Autonomous University of Oaxaxa in July 2008. I taught Spanish at South Dakota University for an academic year (August 2008- May 2009). Currently, I am working on my Ph.D. in Public Affairs and Policy at Portland State University and also I have been teaching Spanish as a volunteer at the Beaverton Hispanic Center since September 2011.
Christina Marie Foster, ESL/SSL Teacher - I began studying Spanish when I was very young and continued my studies through high school and college. I graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in International Studies, Political Economy and a minor in Spanish. I love learning about other cultures and have traveled all over the world. I'm excited to share my knowledge and love of Spanish and the hispanic culture.
Jorge Mora, instructor de SSL- has worked with the Spanish Congregation for over 15 years as an Ordained Minister of the Christian Church with community services in three countries.  He has conducted orientation and community services such as DUII offenders and domestic violence awareness workshops. Jorge is very familiar with Immigration issues. He is Bi-lingual and very proficient in both English and Spanish. 
Our Top Reasons for Teaching ESL or SSL
What is ESL and SSL?
ESL means English as a second language and SSL, is Spanish as a second language. Both English and Spanish classes are provided at the Beaverton Hispanic Center (BHC) with our instructors, who have a passion to teach and serve both English and Spanish speakers in our community. They teach from the very basic to high grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure.
1. Gain Knowledge
As our ESL or SSL instructor we will be researching many universal topics – you will gain an immense amount of worldly knowledge. We also have teacher instruction books/student workbooks to help with this knowledge.
2. Exercise Your Creativity
What can you do with all this information that we learn through research? You can be as creative as you have always dreamed of being! As our ESL or SSL instructor, we can use our imagination to create strong informative English or Spanish lessons which are engaging, intrinsically rewarding and useful for the students in today’s world. We love teaching on a huge variety of topics in our community and abroad. There are absolutely no limits on what can be taught in our ESL programs. We start from a very limited basis to advanced essays given to students to learn from. We enhance the learning possibilities with vocational English/Spanish (job focused) skills as well.
3. An Exciting Industry
Teaching ESL/SSL will never become dull or mundane; this is because the need to teach ESL/SSL is continually growing and changing both within the local community and globally. There are many bonuses from the base of teaching ESL /SSL such as tutoring, substitute teaching, private coaching toward specific goals, working with refugees and immigrants, creating courses and curriculums for specific needs, teaching business vocational learning, public speaking, writing articles – ESL teaching is a growing and changing business and if you see a need which might be met through ESL/SSL, chances are that you can make it happen. As you face these pleasant challenges, you grow as well with the knowledge of ESL/SSL instruction.
4. Build Friendships
By teaching ESL/SSL, you really do make friends! Your classes will attract the most dedicated, intelligent and motivated students of all ages from all over the world. Your lessons are intimate due to the small class sizes, and mutual information is constantly exchanged through English  or Spanish practice and conversation, dialogue and instruction. Sharing ideas with other instructors makes it impossible not to make new friends with your students and with the other instructors when you exchange ideas and experiences – you become connected. When students move forward and leave your class, they will often stay in contact with you and the BHC! But mostly, be yourself and have fun!
5. Our Classes
We subsidize classes. We collaborate with local companies to bring the language classes to the places where Hispanic or other community members are working. This increases access and gives them greater social mobility. We offer SSL classes because we are about serving the community at large, not just the Hispanic community. ESL/SSL classes offer us a chance to interface with students that have other needs and allows us to build trust in the community necessary to take part productively in offering social services and other interventions. Our classes are focused more on vocational content than proficiency exams or other goals, answering the needs of the Hispanic or other communities more effectively.



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