About The Beaverton Hispanic Center:

Beaverton Hispanic Center was established on November 23rd, 2010 by Founder and Executive Director, Juanita Villarreal.  She had a vision to help and serve the Hispanic community within the City of Beaverton and beyond. She looked into the needs of the Hispanic Community and Juanita knew there was some needs that she could provide in the community. At the end of 2010, the BHC served 81 people and now the Beaverton Hispanic Center expanded so rapidly that they have helped over 13,000 people, and growing in numbers every day.
In June 2011, the Beaverton Hispanic Center became a 501 c 3 non-profit agency #27-5471123, which allows them to apply for grants to fund projects. The BHC has some very exciting goals for 2012-2013. They have built many relationships with the Beaverton residents and also with organizations within the City and surrounding areas of Washington and Multnomah Counties.   


Juanita Villarreal, Founder and President

Beaverton Hispanic Center
Juanita is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the BHC. She takes calls, emails, and visits from Hispanic community members who are looking for assistance within the city and abroad. She partners with organizations in Washington and Multnomah Counties to meet the needs of community members. Juanita is also partnering with the City of Beaverton to add more diversity within the city. Juanita has done much needed research on the needs of the Hispanic Community. She has had many years of experience working with the public and the Hispanic communities within the Washington County area.
Juanita grew up in a Hispanic family. She has traveled to various cities in México. Her native language is Spanish and she learned English while attending North Plains grade school. Juanita is passionate and driven when it comes to loving and helping others. She has a special way of touching the lives of so many. Juanita is truly a gift to the Community.
Her current goals for Beaverton Hispanic  Center include: collaborating with community agencies and creating a bridge to the Hispanic community. Advocating and serving more Hispanic’s within Washington County and other areas of Oregon. Building relationships with other community partners and local and state Government.

Jack Corbett, Board Member

Beaverton Hispanic Center

Professor Corbett holds a B.A. from Allegheny College and a Ph.D. in political science from Stanford University. Twice a Fulbright senior lecturer in Mexico, in 2005 Jack was Fulbright Distinguished Professor of North American Studies at the University of Alberta. He has been a visiting scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and a Rotary International Professor in Mexico. Jack has long-term research interests in the fields of international migration and in community-based management of natural and cultural resources. 
Jack has an extensive record of academic and professional service across the Western Hemisphere, having worked from the Yukon in Canada to Argentina and Chile in South America. He is executive director of the Instituto Welte de Estudios Oaxaqueños, a social science research center in Oaxaca, Mexico. Jack has served as interpreter for academic, professional, and government delegations on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. In addition he has collaborated in the creation of working agreements between the United States and Mexico in the field of cultural resources protection and heritage management. 
Several times yearly Jack coordinates intensive field courses on social and/or environmental policy in Canada and Mexico for Portland State students and community professionals, providing direct contact with actors and stakeholders in  arenas as diverse as healthcare, human service delivery, migration, and administration of justice. Students participating in field courses engage practitioners and policy issues in ways they could not imagine on campus. To date more than seven hundred have had the opportunity for direct experience in international settings.

Troy Montes, Board Member

Beaverton Hispanic Center

Troy joined BHC’s Board of Directors in February 2013.  Troy comes from a bicultural upbringing as a first generation Mexican born in the US on his father’s side.  Troy’s grandfather came to the U.S. as a participant in the Bracero program and worked hard to make a way for his family in the America.  This combined with Troy’s life experiences have provided him with an intimate understanding of the struggles of people from around the world, especially those of Latinos.
Troy has a passion for service having worked and volunteered in his home community of Washington County for many years after graduating from the University of Oregon and Portland State.  He has explored a number of Latin American countries through his studies, travels, work and volunteerism to include living two years in El Salvador as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Troy loves travel, languages and interacting with people.  He is a citizen of both the United States and Mexico and holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Transformation with a particular grasp of post-war community development.

Anabel Lopez-Salinas, Secretary

Beaverton Hispanic Center

Anabel Lopez-Salinas is from Oaxaca, Mexico. She earned a B.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the "Benito Juarez" Autonomous University of Oaxaxa in July 2008. She taught Spanish at South Dakota University for an academic year (August 2008- May 2009). Currently, She is working on her Ph.D. in Public Affairs and Policy at Portland State University and also has been teaching Spanish as a volunteer at the Beaverton Hispanic Center since September 2011.

Our Mission Statement



Our mission is to work with the Hispanic Community to address issues of equity, create opportunity, and strengthen family and community while fostering enhanced collaboration across social boundaries through education.


Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to build an organization that supports, encourages, and positively impacts the Hispanic/Latino Community, and helps it achieve its highest potential.





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